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The LED lighting is expected to function that occupy the home of domestic popularity

LED semiconductor lighting technology is in the late 1960s, it developed the core component of light-emitting diodes (leds), which is in microscopic scales glow principle, it is to let mobile electronic "into" quantum-well, resulting in a certain wavelengths of light. Because this process almost nonexistent heat loss, so the traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent compared, high luminous efficiency. In recent years, LED lighting, the screen in landscape application field entered into relatively mature; But in indoor home lighting applications has just started, and this one "the city" if not, the real "attack LED lighting age" will not talk about.

Shanghai semiconductor lighting engineering technology research center director dr assistant YangWeiQiao analysis, LED lighting is difficult to popularize function that occupy the home, have technical reason, also have idea why. The technical level, the indoor function is needed to white, lighting compared to the landscape lighting red, green, and blue light, difficult to realize the bigger. At present, the LED the white light can be reached 80 lumens/watts of illumination, meet the functional requirements of indoor reading than conventional lamps and lanterns, but high 3-8 times. Price to accept high, consumer nature.

In fact LED home lighting many benefits. It can save 30% more than ordinary lamps and lanterns power; For three million hours of actual use life let the incandescent 1000h, fluorescent's 6000 hours dwarfs; It also can follow one's inclinations adjust brightness by users, and reduce the same proportion of electricity. So Europe has more and more families to dismantle the traditional lamps and lanterns, mount LED lights.

"In China, people on the LED illumination understanding, either stay in 'neon', or confined to 'big screen'. LED is used for indoor illumination, or a fresh concept, many people may not accept, actually this is bigger and more important applications." YangWeiQiao slightly regret to say.

The personage inside course of study thinks, to let the LED lighting technology really come into life that occupy the home, the domestic enterprise bigger and stronger is the prerequisite. LED indoors lightings prices are high, a large part of the reason is that the core technology is held by foreign companies hand. Once the domestic enterprises in the core technology with foreign companies to compete on price will come loose.

Figures showed that in 2009 the output value of national LED industry in million RMB, including 827 industrial application field of lower output more than 600 billion yuan for the core technology, and involves substrate materials, epitaxy growth and chip manufacturing such key links, domestic enterprises only created 28 million yuan of value.

"Our LED denotation and chip manufacturing key technology, key equipment dependence on imports, will become the soft rib restricted industrial development." Responsible for the overall planning of the expo site of illumination on nightscape HaoLuoXi professor thinks of tongji university. And according to YangWeiQiao introduction, the company LED lamps and lanterns domestic do mostly small and scattered, some even have recently heard the LED industry "fire" just turned over, how many technological content cans be imagined. And many emerging industries, superficial prosperity as behind also have own core technology lack of malaises.

Therefore, Shanghai semiconductor lighting engineering technology research center is drafting the address of the industry's "1025" planning, main attack denotation, chip manufacturing technology and the core equipment production and functional lighting applications, borrowing shibohui semiconductor lighting light during the 2010 world expo, semiconductor lighting family popularization and realization of industrial development "double harvest".

It is estimated that if national one-third of traditional lighting, LED the annual electricity saving replacement of the three gorges hydropower plant as a turbine. The future is what LED era, how will the scene? In Shanghai semiconductor lighting engineering technology research center efforts, the world expo has exhibited a few "segment" -- "Shanghai ecological home" on the second floor of apartment "youth", indoor illume, and complete by leds can conduct according to user needs follow one's inclinations adjust brightness. Cloudy day, LED lamp slightly open 1:00, need not very bright, can and natural light mutually make up; In the evening, LED lamp open to full bright. If need to build romantic atmosphere, colored LED lamps and lanterns also can do the job. (information sources: liberation daily)